Dave Tanner's ProSession - Weddings

(Sil Azevedo Photography)

After a Jewish wedding ceremony, if the mother-of-the-bride requests a “New York-style” reception, when is the hora played?
Near the beginning of the reception (and perhaps again later).

What is the correct tempo for a South Texas Grand March?
A polka.

If the family requests a “Calabrian” (southern Italian) first dance, whom should the emcee announce?
The bride and her father. The groom will cut in.

You’ll have questions. Your wedding professionals should have answers.

You may have first heard of Dave Tanner during his many years in Dallas radio playing “Friday Afternoon Trivia.” But when it comes to your wedding reception, you’ll find Dave’s knowledge to be anything BUT trivial. You’ll want to know that you’ve trusted the music for the most special evening of your life to the man brides have relied upon for three decades – the man thousands of Metroplex brides-to-be watched each week when he hosted his own “Wedding Planner” TV show. You’ll want the assurance of knowing that you’ve hired a bandleader who not only plays for wedding receptions – he’s built his reputation by specializing in them!

Along the way, he’s learned to anticipate the needs of today’s bride. That’s why an evening with Dave Tanner’s ProSession includes an extra hour of cocktail piano music at no extra cost (five hours in all). And that’s why – if they don’t already know your special song – Dave and the band learn it for the bride and groom’s first dance.

That’s also why discerning brides will settle for nothing less than
Dave Tanner's ProSession

But you don’t have to take our word for it…

“Dear Dave Tanner…”

“A million thanks for helping make Michele’s wedding perfect!”
Charlotte Webberman

“Everything we’ve heard about your band is true – plus, plus PLUS!”
Edna and Frank Ashmore

“There is no doubt in my mind who is responsible for the overwhelming success of Jennie and Dan’s wedding reception – you and your group of talented musicians.”
D. J. Kassanoff

“It was a pleasure to work with such a talented, professional, dependable, and attractive group of people.”
Faye Wyatt

“The music is what makes the party – and you and your group have the wonderful ability to keep everyone on the dance floor endlessly!”
Judy Cohn

“Those of us who love to dance couldn’t keep our feet still!”
Marcia and Frank Cuellar

“The overwhelming response was, ‘I haven’t danced that much in 10 years!’”
Suzanne Durham

“From the first dance to the last, you managed to set the proper mood with the most perfect music at every appropriate time.”
Chad LaCerte

“Your timing was perfect. You were the consummate professional.”
Morris Rayblatt

“Thanks for all the extras…”
Angela Buchen

“We appreciate all the extra attention to details.”
Hank Pollard

“You never took a break!”
Mary Bonrepos

“You never stop! Where do you get the energy?”
Cathy Basso

“We appreciate your quick wit.”
Herb and Mary Spanier

“Everything was wonderful. You are a terrific emcee!”
Shana Javery

“The ‘Circle of Love’ was the nicest and most organized ending of a wedding reception that we have seen.”
Patti Craig