Dave Tanner - Professional Master Of Ceremonies

The Top 3 Reasons DAVE TANNER Should Emcee Your Next Event:

3. His music and ad-libs will keep your audience awake and entertained.
2. His carefully chosen, masterfully delivered stories will inspire and motivate your crowd.
1. He will make you look absolutely brilliant!

As an Emcee, Dave Tanner is unique. No one else combines his delivery, musical gifts, comic timing, and ability to thrill and inspire an audience.

And Dave’s magic starts – as it should – at the very beginning, setting a special tone: Event Professionals call So Proudly We Hail the “perfect” opening. It’s a 5 minute, 50 second re-telling of the story of the Star Spangled Banner. Using words, pictures, and music, Dave uses color and drama to immediately grab his audience, then transport them back through the history of our great country. Dave concludes by leading the crowd in the singing of our National Anthem. By the time he introduces the first speaker, everyone is alert, engaged, and ready for a fantastic event.

But Dave’s contributions don’t stop there. Convention and show planners know they can depend on his golden voice and uncommon “common sense” to guarantee a successful event.

Such is their confidence in Dave that producers have hired him, even when:

  • the Emcee was supposed to be English — (he’s not)
  • the job required someone fluent in Japanese or Spanish — (he’s not)
  • an experienced sportscaster was needed — (he’s not)

What Dave is, is an articulate, quick-thinking, and genuinely personable professional who is equally comfortable in front of Maxxis 2000‘s urban sales force and an international gathering of the Boy Scouts.

Even for a Pro, Dave is also legendary for the preparation he brings to each assignment. He anticipates what he might be called upon to know or say, so that he is ready instantly with the right question or comment.

Your next convention or show deserves this same high standard of talent and professionalism. Treat yourself (and your audience) to the best: Dave Tanner!

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