The Father-Of-The-Bride

Posted by Dave

A bride’s dad once told me that he only had 3 duties: 1. Show up, 2. Pay up, and 3. Shut up.

Now that’s a smart fellow!

Technically, he is also the nominal host of the wedding reception. But – if he knows what’s good for him – he won’t assume that such a title actually gives him any real authority.

He will know that, in the real world, the bride and her mom are the true key players. Most dads are relegated to providing emotional support (they tend to say “Yes, Dear” and “Whatever you think, Dear” a lot). They also are expected (under Provision 2 in the first paragraph) to dig deeply into what would have been their children’s inheritance, as the budget for the ceremony and reception approach – and often pass – the price of a medium-sized condominium. (Meanwhile, under Provision 3, they will have to also pretend not to notice that the king’s ransom they are spending (a.) comes with no guarantee – unlike the condo – and (b.) will be consumed by the wedding and reception at a rate – give or take – of $10,000 per hour.)

Because Dads adore their precious daughters so much, they are – as a rule – able to handle these jobs with remarkable aplomb. What really kills them is having to give their daughter’s hand in marriage to some scruffy (or altogether too slick) guy who will never in a million years deserve her.

And it is for handling this supreme sacrifice with a minimum of grouchiness and a maximum of grace, that old Dad deserves more kudos than he will ever get.

So brides, I know you’re busy. And I know you have a 1001 things on your minds. But – amid all that – be sure you remember that otherwise “forgotten” man of the nuptial process: your long-suffering (and usually – quietly suffering) Number One fan and first man in your life, your Dad.


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