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Crowd Pleasers (Songs That Get YOUR Group Dancing)

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Each bride who hires my band receives our Wedding Work Sheet. In addition to the names of the key players and a timeline for the event, it includes a section on Special Songs. These may be ethnic, regional, or school songs. Sometimes, they are just family favorites. But often – they are what elevates a pretty good reception to an unforgettable PAR-TAY.

And your music provider needs to know about them.

For example, Ohioans in general, and Ohio State alums in particular go ga-ga over “Hang On Sloopy,” a 1965 hit by the McCoys. When played as the dinner portion of the reception becomes dance time, it can fill the floor.

Many brides request disco songs like “I Will Survive” or “That’s The Way (Uh-huh, Uh-huh) I Like It”, which serve as a lure for all their sorority sisters – who seem to know every cheesy lyric – to come pouring onto the dance floor. (Other songs which also – for some reason – have this salubrious effect include “Build Me Up – Buttercup,” “Dancing Queen,” and Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love.”)

One bride even asked me to bring a limbo stick. Apparently, that brief fad of the early 60s has survived at her family’s parties, becoming something of an institution. Sure enough, when the band and I started playing Chubby Checker’s “Limbo Rock,” we had an instant crowd.

Unfortunately, some brides forget to advise their music providers that their guests will expect these musical moments. Recently, I was only able to accommodate a request for “O Canada” from the Canadian side of the family (about half the room) because my wife and son are such hockey fanatics that I had learned the tune.

(Note To Brides With Canadian Relatives: “O Canada” is not part of many U.S. band’s standard repertoire.)

And neither are all of the other above-named songs. So – if your friends, family, and guests have these or similar favorites – be sure to give your band or deejay a heads-up in advance.

After all, if there is one special song can take your reception to heavenly heights, it would be a shame for its absence to leave you in “limbo.”