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A Reader Writes” “How Big Should I Make My Dance Floor?”

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I recently received this e-mail:

My friend in Texas is renting a tent for her daughter’s wedding reception. They are expecting 300 guests who are BIG dancers. Is there a certain formula for the amount of square feet required per person?


Here was my response:


Dance floors are usually laid down in 3-foot squares. One 3X3 square is the minimum for one couple, dancing cheek to cheek.

But the subliminal message to guests is that a big dance floor equals an expectation that lots of people will dance. So the bigger she makes it, the more she signals her desire for people to use it. If she really has a dancing crowd, she should make every effort to have space for as many as possible.

At Jewish weddings, virtually everybody participates in the Hora (a traditional circle dance.) Greek, Polish, Czech, Italian, and German weddings also get everyone from grandparents to toddlers on the dance floor at once. If you’ve got polkas or tarantellas planned, you’ll need even more room.

The Texas 2-Step, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Schottische also utilize a lot of dance floor. So if she is planning to teach her out-of-state guests some authentic Texas dances, she should have more dance floor, rather than less.

I hope this helps. All the best, Dave Tanner

(I hope it helps you, too.)