Hard Times Are GOOD Times For Bargain Hunters!

Posted by Dave

In the classic Western, The Magnificent 7, Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen – as Chris and Vin – approach gunfighter Bernardo Reilly about joining their team. Reilly, played by Charles Bronson, is chopping wood for his supper. But he speaks with pride about the $600 he was paid for one job and the $800 he received for another. He’s obviously a man who – in the past – was paid a lot of money. Chris tells him, “The job pays $20.” Bernardo first scoffs at the low pay, but then he puts down his ax and says, “Right now – $20 is a lot of money.”

These days, party professionals in general and music providers in particular can identify with Bronson’s comment. They too are accomplished veterans, highly regarded within their industry, and have earned big bucks for their efforts in the past.

But that was then. Today is another story.

Right now, if you are willing to work with them regarding the date of your event, you should be pleasingly surprised how far your entertainment dollar will go. Saturday nights in the very near future, or less than prime times months from now, are selling at discounted rates for the simple reason that event specialists would rather work for less than to not work at all.

One caveat: don’t expect much of a deal on the first and second weekends in December, or on New Year’s Eve. But that open Saturday three weeks from now could be yours for a steal.

Hard times impact the party business more than the neighborhood grocery store or gas station. You’ve got to eat, and your car has to have gas, but you can scale down a party (or even cancel it altogether.) So event professionals are among the first to feel the effects of any economic downturn.

Go ahead, then. Ask a music provider or caterer what they can do for you in your budget range. Chances are very good that they will be thrilled to work with you. Because Charles Bronson was correct: “Right now – $20 is a lot of money.”


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