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Have Keyboard – Will Travel

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Nothing will ever replace a well-tuned grand piano for classy music. Not only does it sound great, but it is also a very handsome piece of furniture.

Unfortunately, 8-foot long pianos don’t fit into some playing spaces. And – without enormous (and ugly) casters – they don’t move easily, either.

Today’s electronic keyboards, on the other hand, sound like a concert grand (plus hundreds of other things), and move both quickly and easily. In fact, at a wedding reception this past Saturday, I had less than 5 minutes to move from inside the venue to outside for the Great Escape of the bride and groom. I made it with time to spare, and was in position and playing as the couple departed.

But – let’s be real. I’ve never heard anyone call an electronic keyboard “handsome”. So, what should you do when a keyboard fits your needs and space, but not your vision of the event?

I recommend camouflage. A nice floral arrangement in front of the keyboard hides dings, wires, and the other less-than beautiful trappings of electronic hardware. Also, keyboards are easily transported upstairs to landings and balconies where their music can be heard everywhere, without the keyboard being in the immediate sight-lines of your guests.

Finally, keyboards are never out of tune – another shortcoming of the acoustic piano. All they need is a convenient electrical outlet to make their joyful noise.

So, if you have access to a beautiful grand piano, savor it. But – if your music source needs to travel, to fit into a small space, or if you don’t have a concert grand around the house – a good modern keyboard is a wonderful option.