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An Easy Way To Make Your Indoor/Outdoor Party More Connected

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Weather permitting, indoor/outdoor parties and receptions are the best of both worlds. Those of your guests who prefer a steady stream of 72-degree filtered air can stay safely away from Nature, while the more daring can enjoy the infinite variety of God’s air-conditioning system.

One downside to the indoor/outdoor event is that somebody always seems to miss the important announcements, like “Dinner is served,” or “The bride and groom are departing.” Wherever you place your band or deejay, either the innies or outies are too far from the sound source to hear key information. This, however, need not be the case.

When my band plays at Marie Gabrielle, a local indoor/outdoor restaurant and reception site, we simply place an extension speaker outside. This not only connects the outdoor guests to the musical ambience of the event, it makes it possible for them to not miss the official First Dance or Cake Cutting.

Even when I’m playing as a soloist at a residence, it is usually easy to run a speaker to whichever area I am not physically in. If the hostess prefers, I can even rig it so that only announcements go through the second speaker. In this way, music haters who manage to flee my melodious noodling still have access to important info.

One key fact to remember: you should always discuss this (and any other non-standard requests) with your music provider, well in advance of your event. In my case, I have to bring an extra speaker, stand, and cable that are not always with me. Also, since you are asking your music provider for something extra, you should offer to compensate them for any additional set-up and take-down time. They may not charge you any extra (I usually don’t), but a volunteered bonus is always appreciated.