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The High Cost Of A Cheap Band

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Every city has its own garage bands, made up of players who enjoy making music, but don’t do so for a living. And some of these groups have members who are good enough to have been full-time showbiz professionals – if they had wanted to be. Because they have “real” jobs that pay the rent, they are able to take the occasional club or private party date at a much lower price than the bands for whom music is their vocation, not avocation.

So – in these tough economic times when you are trying to stretch each and every entertainment dollar to its limit – should you hire one of these “bargain” bands for your next event?

Well – that depends. And it depends both on the nature of your event, and the particular band you are considering. Here are a few points to ponder.

Does the “bargain” band look as good as it sounds?
Will they dress appropriately for your event?
Do they know enough songs to make it through your party?
And does their repertoire include enough variety for your guests?
How about their volume? Is it right for you?
How much time do they take between songs?
How long are their breaks?
(And if you don’t know the answers to these questions, shouldn’t you?)

In this life, we pretty much get what we pay for. So, if cost is the single biggest determining factor in who becomes your music provider, you may just be glad to have any band within your budget.

But if your next event is one where you want everything to be “just right,” consider hiring a smaller unit of pros – even if it’s only a trio – who know the drill, know the tunes, and whose livelihood depends on making every customer happy.

Don’t find out the hard way that your “bargain” band was no bargain at all.