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Change Of Plans? Be Sure Your Vendors Know!

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Weather is a big changer of party plans. Events scheduled for months to be outdoors may have to move inside on a moment’s notice. But move – where? Do your caterer, florist, valet parking attendants, and music provider know the alternate location? Do your guests?

Parties also occasionally outgrow their original venues. The change may simply be from one ballroom of a hotel to another in the same facility. But valuable time is lost, and needless confusion created, when your wedding cake is placed in the wrong (ie. “original”) room due to your forgotten phone call to the bakery.

Start and finish times are frequently tweaked, as well. It may belatedly occur to you that 9PM until 1AM is perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration, but way too late for mom and dad’s 50th anniversary party. Just remember – when you notify your guests to show up at 7:00 instead – that you have everything (and every one) ready when they arrive.

Finally, parties get postponed or even canceled. Illness, death in the family, or the bride calling off the wedding can understandably stress you so much that you simply forget to notify every last vendor. That’s why having a professional party planner on board who is not an immediate family member (and not as emotionally involved) is a great idea for any major event. Notification of all the vendors becomes their job, not yours.

Hey – changes of plan happen. So be ready for them when they do. Doing so will save you money, time, and a world of aggravation.