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Making GREAT Musical Choices

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The band and I played this past weekend for a bridal couple who – musically – did just about everything right. If you have an upcoming wedding reception, you might consider repeating some of their choices. (It made for a great party!)

What did they do? Well, first of all, they had already seen the band at a wedding reception. A couple of years ago, they were guests at another similar event, and both made mental notes regarding the music. In my conversations with them, they pointed out that many of the same guests from the earlier party were invited to their reception. Having a band that had already shown the ability to please their friends gave them one less thing to worry about.

Secondly, they gave us plenty of advance notice regarding their musical favorites. By going to the Song List section of this website, they were able to pick out a dozen or so tunes they really wanted to hear. Then, by letting us know their choices, well in advance of their reception, we had time to be sure that we had every song fresh in our minds. (We have almost 300 songs in our repertoire, but only play 50 to 60 in a typical night. So some tunes go unplayed for months on end. Thanks to this couple’s foresight, we were able to work all of their favorites into the set lists of several jobs, thus ensuring that they were ready for “prime time.”)

Finally, they chose songs that would please most of their guests, most of the time. Given the age range of a typical wedding reception, it is virtually impossible to guarantee that everyone will love every single song. All you can do is try to please the majority of folks, the majority of the time. And that’s what this couple did. They avoided tunes that would have been certain to alienate their older guests, as well as cheesy songs that would have causes their younger friends to gag.

So – how did all their advance preparation pay off? Perfectly, that’s how.

I’ve never agreed with those who claim that “music makes the party.” But the wrong music, played at the wrong volume at the wrong time, can definitely ruin the event for some of your guests. This couple’s extra efforts made certain that wouldn’t happen. And their efforts went a long way to creating every bride’s most fervent hope: a perfect wedding reception.