A Reader Writes: How Do I Start A Blog?

Posted by Dave

Dear Lindsay:

Setting up a blog for yourself is really pretty simple. First of all, you need a website and domain name. (Picking a name that isn’t already in use is a challenge. But – with a little creativity – you can find one that hasn’t already been claimed.)

Next, you must find a service (I’m very happy with WordPress) that provides the template – the permanent aspects of your site, such as the look of your Home Page. After that, try to come up with a short, pithy name that accurately conveys your point of view. Again, the more creative you are, the better.

Next, decide how often you want to write – from whenever the mood strikes you to several times a day. Include a feedback mechanism on your site so that those who wish can respond. By linking to them, you increase your visibility on the World Wide Web. “Ezine” is one of many services that reprints blogs on a wide variety of topics. You can also google your chosen topic to see what other sites appear. By corresponding with them, people who visit their sites will learn about you. This increases the dialogue potential exponentially.

Finally comes the grunt work of writing the blogs themselves. I recommend short, highly focused, paragraphs on very specific sub-topics of your general theme. And by short, I mean brief enough for your readers to enjoy without scrolling down.

At times, you’ll feel like you are the only one reading what you’ve written. But then, someone from across the country or around the world will respond, and you will realize the enormous potential at your fingertips.

Blogging pay is lousy, but for me, the satisfaction level is pretty high. After all, it gave me the opportunity to respond to you.

Good luck from your fellow blogger, Dave Tanner


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