Band Or Deejay – Or How About BOTH?

Posted by Dave

A good live band at your wedding reception adds class, and can personalize songs (by customizing lyrics or making songs longer or shorter, as needed) in a way that deejays cannot easily do. But no band – not even my own – can play the full range of songs that a professional DJ has at his or her fingertips. So – which is right for you?

For more and more brides, the answer is BOTH!

One way this method works well is to have the live band start the party, play for the ceremonial first dances, dinner, and start of the dance portion of the evening. During their breaks, the deejay can play short sets of tunes and styles the band doesn’t play.

Then, when it’s really time to par-tay, the band yields the dance floor to the deejay, who effortlessly (ie. without need of breaks) keeps the wedding guests dancing until the wee small hours. As Hannah Montana would say, it’s “the best of both worlds.”

Where either budgets or stage size don’t permit two music providers, most bands have the ability to play prerecorded music during their breaks. Many of my brides actually supply me with CDs of their “infinite playlists.” In this way, every song played – whether live or Memorex – is a personal favorite.

A bride who is hearing all her favorite songs is a happy bride, and a happy bride makes for a perfect wedding.


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