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Ann-Margaret Starred In Which Re-Make Of A John Wayne Classic?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Answer: The 1960′s version of “Stagecoach,” the story of a very eventful ride on the Lordsburg Stage. Instead of the Duke, A-M appeared with the immortal (?) Alex Cord.

If you are planning a special event, a stage may be in your future, as well. The additional height of a stage makes it easier for audience members to see a featured speaker. Band or deejay wires, speakers, and lights are also less likely to be tripped over by your guests when they are off the dance floor and on an elevated surface.

So a stage is a good thing – usually. Two common exceptions to this rule are (1) when your venue has a low ceiling that makes those onstage likely to bump their heads on light fixtures (or on the ceiling itself), and (2) when the stage is not configured properly for your music provider. For instance, a stage that is 8′ deep and 20′ feet wide has the same number of square feet as one that is 20′ deep and 8′ wide. But one may work perfectly for your band, while the other is useless.

So listen up, Pilgrim, and listen tight: a stage is only good when it’s right for the room and right for your band, deejay, or featured speaker. If it’s not, the only stage they’ll be gettin’ on is the next one out of town!