Who Sang “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia”?

Posted by Dave

Answer: It was Vickie Lawrence, Carol Burnett Show alum, game show hostess, and star of “Mama’s Family.”

If you don’t want the lights to go out at your next event, you need to be in possession of 2 critically important facts: (1) how much electricity your party will require, and (2) what power is available at your venue.

Today’s PA and lighting needs for bands or deejays are enough to blow the breakers at many older venues (or places – like a train station, gymnasium, or art museum – that were never designed as party palaces.) Margarita machines, spotlights on every centerpiece, coffee pots, and heat lamps on the buffet table also drain precious power your party may need. Ask all of your vendors what their total electrical needs will be. If they’ll have to economize, it’s better that they – and you – know it, up front.

(You really don’t want your guests walking out the door humming, “That’s the night that lights went out…”)


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