It’s Never “Too Early” To Alert A Band To Your Special Song

Posted by Dave

Every bride who hires me receives my Wedding Work Sheet, which lets me know what she wants to happen (and when), plus the names of all the key personnel (groom, Best Man, Maid Of Honor, parents, clergyman, etc.) There is also a spot for any and all special songs. I ask all my brides to return the completed sheet to me, two weeks before the wedding.

But – and let me make this perfectly clear – any bride who already knows what song she wants for her first dance is welcome to share that information any time. The earlier, the better.

I just heard from the mom of a bride-to-be (in 10 weeks) who wanted me to know that her daughter had selected “Always” by Bon Jovi for her first foray onto the dance floor as a married woman. This was great, for two reasons:
1. The sooner we know what the first dance will be, the sooner we can learn it, and the more times we can have performed it, prior to the that bride’s wedding. (And we can get a lot more familiar with it in 10 weeks than 2.)
2. When the mom told me “Always” by Bon Jovi, she automatically excluded any chance that we would accidentally play the wrong “Always.” (Like a lot of romantic song titles, there’s another – very well known – tune with this same name.)

By giving me the information early, this bride and her mom have checked one more item off their “to-do” list. That’s good for them, and good for me as their music provider, too. Everybody wins.

And – you know what? – I love it when that happens!


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