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Last Minute Bargains (And Risks)

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Good News! – the Economy is tanking. Or – to be more precise – certain sectors of the Economy are in distress.

How can this possibly be “good news?” Well, if you are planning an event (and if you are a bit of a gambler), you may be able to get much more party bang for your buck.

If you were to call me today (in mid-February) for a Christmas party, the cost of my 8-piece band would be $3,500. But, if you called me today for an event this coming March or early April, I’d be prepared to wheel and deal. You could either get the 8-member group for less, or could hire fewer players (to save even more money!)

Venues and other party suppliers are also willing to negotiate, as open dates loom closer. This is where your willingness to gamble becomes important. If you are secure in the knowledge that some music provider and some venue will be available on your date, then waiting until 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event to do your booking can save you 15%, 20%, or even more.

Why? Vendors who wouldn’t dream of offering discounts 3 months out can become amazingly receptive to negotiation when those months become weeks. Most agree that it is better to make some money than none at all.

Granted, waiting until near your chosen date raises the chances that you won’t get that special band or venue. But, if you’re willing to run that risk, your Chevy budget could reap Cadillac rewards.