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The Lady In White Is Always Right

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Having one daughter get married makes for a full-year all by itself. Being the mom of two brides in the same year is financially, emotionally, and physically exhausting!

Complicating matters further is the fact that each individual bride has her own – sometimes very strong – views of how her wedding festivities should proceed. (And smart moms recognize that it is the bride’s wedding – not the parents’.)

Case in point: I will be playing for 2 weddings from the same family this coming March and May. That’s two guest lists, venues, gowns, ceremonies, receptions, and honeymoons – all in a 60 day period. (Not to mention the various showers and dinners involved.)

The daughters are very different, so one event will be formal and big, while the other will be much more low-key and intimate. But that is what the brides have chosen, and that is what their parents are giving them.

I wish all moms-of-brides were as tuned in to their daughters’ preferences. (Though all should be.) Occasionally, I will see a bride who is miserable at her own wedding, because the day reflects her parents’ tastes, not hers.

So, to all parents of upcoming brides, I will simply say two statements that I have found to be true:
1. You had your wedding. This one is hers. And (within budget limitations),
2. The lady in white is always right.