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Can You Picture Ronald Reagan Starring In “Casablanca”?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Believe it or don’t – our 40th President was announced as the star of Casablanca during the early days of that immortal film’s pre-production. And Sly Stallone was once slated for Eddie Murphy’s “Axel Foley” part in Beverly Hills Cop. Either movie might have turned out fine, but they certainly would have been different than the final films we know so well.

It’s almost impossible today to imagine anyone other than Clint Eastwood or Peter Falk playing those ace detectives, Dirty Harry and Columbo. But again, neither of them were the first picks for the roles. In fact – if the original casting plans had gone forward – both cops would have been played by crooners. Who? I’ll hum the answer, right after Today’s Tip:

As a rule, younger guests at a party are more comfortable with louder music than your older guests will be. So – whenever possible – plan your seating chart so that you leave a buffer of space and bodies between the PA speakers and Aunt Fanny. (She still might complain, but not quite as strongly.) Another option is to have Open Seating at your event, letting guests choose for themselves where they wish to sit. What you want to avoid – if at all possible – is having (a.) miserable guests all night long, and (b.) having the music volume for your event dictated by a few grumpy folks.

Now – who did the geniuses in Hollywood have in mind when they originally created Inspector Harry Callahan and Lt. (no first name) Columbo? Well, Frank Sinatra was slated to be Mister “Make My Day”, while the rumpled “Just One More Thing” Columbo was conceived as a role for – - – Ba-ba-ba Bing Crosby. (Like I say – that would have been “different.”)