Not-So-Famous Names With A Very Famous Job

Posted by Dave

What occupation do the following men have in common: Leslie King, William Blythe, Hiram Grant, and Barry Soetoro?

I’ll tell you, right after Today’s Tip: When the economy takes a downturn, party professionals are on the front lines. Bands, deejays, and even venues are extremely sensitive to tough economic times (because – when money is scarce – folks don’t party). That’s why, if you have an upcoming event, you should have a “Plan B” regarding all of your vendors. What will you do if any of them go out of business? The last problem you need is to be caught at the critical moment without a key vendor. So stay in touch with those you have chosen, and – just for insurance – keep a list handy of those vendors who didn’t make the final cut. You may need one of them yet.

Now – what job did all those guys you never heard of share? Uh… that would be President of The United States. Leslie King was Gerald Ford’s birth name. You know William Blythe better by the name of his mom’s second husband – Clinton. Hiram Ulysses Grant later changed his name to Ulysses S. And Barry Soetoro? Well, Barack Obama attended an Indonesian school under that name as a child. (As Casey Stengel used to say, “You could look it up.”)


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