How Well Do You Know Your Beatles Trivia?

Posted by Dave

On most Beatles albums, John sang a few tunes, Paul sang a few, then they sang one or two together. George and Ringo, if they were lucky, may have gotten one lead vocal opportunity each per album.

With four vocalists to choose from, you might expect an album called Best Of The Beatles to feature a similar division of lead vocals. But surprisingly, on that album, every single vocal is by the same person.

My question for you is – who was it? Who sang every lead on Best Of The Beatles?

I’ll have the answer for you, just as soon as I pass on Today’s Tip: when hiring a band for your next big event, always try to see them in person before you sign the contract. The band whose photos look terrific and demos sound perfect may – when seen live – project no personality at all. They may take excessively long breaks, dawdle interminably between songs, or play at volumes that are inappropriate for your party. A bad band can ruin your night. So check them out personally, before putting your name on the dotted line.

Now – who was that singer on every Best Of The Beatles track? It was… (drum roll): Pete Best, the former Beatles drummer who was replaced by Ringo Starr. Attorneys for the Fab Four tried to stop Pete from releasing the album, but lost. By his very name, he was indeed “Best” of the Beatles.


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