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“If You Don’t See What You Want – Just Ask”

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Many brides have very specific ideas of how they want their wedding ceremonies and receptions to look and sound. Occasionally the irresistible forces of these visions crash headlong into the immovable object of reality. Usually, that reality comes in the form of “too expensive for our budget.” But in dealing with music providers, I’ve learned that the problem is all too often that the look and sound the bride has imagined doesn’t exist (at any price) in her town.

My job, when this occurs, is to work with the bride to create what she has envisioned. And time after time, together we have come pretty close to perfect.

For instance, one recent bride was determined to have a band who used no electric instruments or amplification. The problem with this – in her chosen venue – was that the music wouldn’t have been heard 15 feet past the bandstand. My solution was to create the illusion of being “un-plugged” – with no mikes, wires, or speakers in sight – but to really have very light sound reinforcement throughout the room. It worked great, and the bride was delighted.

On another occasion, my bride wanted the look of a classic Big Band. Her vision even included red music stands in front of all the players. But, since my musicians have all their charts memorized, I don’t have any music stands – red or otherwise. The solution: for a nominal fee, a local party supplier fabricated several bright red fiber-board “stands” to place in front of the band. They looked great, and cost only a fraction of the price of real professional music stands.

To accommodate a bride’s vision, most bandleaders will gladly alter both the size and look of their groups. And – if they won’t – there are others who will. So, to any bride who is either blessed or cursed with a crystal-clear image of how her band should look and sound, I can only repeat the age-old menu notation which forms the title of this entry:

“If you don’t see what you want – just ask.”