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When “The Weather Outside Is Frightful” – Is Postponing An Option?

Monday, January 12th, 2009

I work in an industry where sick days and holidays are unpaid, so – if there is any way humanly possible – I always show up for my jobs.

But twice lately, the winter weather has been so severe that there was a very real possibility that – when I arrived at the engagement – I might be the only person there.

The first time it happened, my client’s arrangement with the venue made no allowances for bad weather. She was going to be charged full price, whether anyone showed up or not. So she and I (plus a few other stalwart souls) made the best of the situation. The show went on, while those who had paid for their tickets (but stayed home) lost their investments.

The second incident had a happier ending for all concerned. I was booked to appear at a residential development. Delaying the date of the party by one week was fine with the majority of the guests. And believe me, I was only too happy not to have to slip and slide all the way across town.

As it worked out, the party was held on a much better day for the guests and me.

Most contracts contain “Acts of God” clauses which limit liability for all concerned when unpredictable events (such as the “Blizzard Of The Century”) occur. Yes, your caterer and music providers expect to be paid. But – like me – they just might be willing and able to work with you. At any rate, it can’t hurt to ask.

As I write this post, the temperature in Montana is 47 degrees below zero. Minnesota and Illinois are also in the negative digits. And – here in Texas – we have a wind chill of 17. If I were booked tonight and had the option of moving the event to later in the week, I would jump at it.

So the next time Mother Nature throws you a curve ball that virtually guarantees your long-planned event is going to bomb, at least give your vendors the option of moving to a better date for one and all.

And in the meantime, I’d like to declare my position on global warming: right now, I’m for it!