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The BEST Way To Know If A Band Is Right For YOU!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

A lot of my band’s business comes through referrals. Mom of brides-to-be chat with moms of recent brides, while their daughters trade insights and horror stories. Often, something a bride or mom says favorably about us seems to result in quick phone calls to me. If I’m available, within the bride’s budget, and if I don’t say something stoopid to cause the family to re-think their decision, a contract soon follows.

Referrals from wedding veterans whose tastes are similar to yours – and whose opinions you trust – are a good way to narrow down your music provider options. In fact, I would say they are the second-best way of all.

But – when time and schedules permit – the best way is still to see the band or deejay you are considering yourself. After all, this is your wedding, and that’s supposed to be a pretty big deal. With luck, it will be the only time you get married, and it ought to be perfect.

However, seeing the band doesn’t just involve dropping by the local club where they perform. If at all possible, you want to see them in a wedding situation, and one which is as close to yours as possible.


Because the band than can rock your socks off in a night club may not have another speed (or volume) that will be appropriate for your dinner hour. They may not know the tunes your older guests want to hear. Even if you see a song list on their website, you have no way of knowing how long it may have been since they last played your special favorite tunes.

With deejays, of course, you don’t have to worry whether everybody on stage knows your favorite song all the way through. But you still ought to see how he or she works the crowd, announces the evening’s special moments, and is sensitive to the volume needs of the crowd.

So, any time and every time you can, start with referrals. (If you don’t have any friends who’ve recently survived a big wedding, your venue or coordinator can probably give you some references.) If you’ve already picked a videographer, they may have some good footage available of the musicians in action.

But – for peace of mind – nothing takes the place of your eyes and ears helping you make an informed decision about the people whom you will be counting on to create exactly the right mood. It will be time well spent.