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And You Thought “John Smith” Was A Common Name…

Monday, November 17th, 2008

A former classmate of mine wrote recently to commend me for co-authoring a book called Swimming After 50. There was just one eensy-teensy problem: the Dave Tanner who actually wrote it is a Physiology professor – not a piano player.

Today, I heard from someone looking for my Big Band arrangement of “Night And Day.” The trouble is, that Dave Tanner is a Jazz guitarist and arranger in England – not Texas.

Nor am I the upright bass-playing Dave Tanner of the Latin-Country fusion group “Brazilbilly” – although I sure do wish I’d thought of that name and concept before they did.

And – needless to say – I’m neither the UK coach, or the rugby player, nor the California insurance-selling Dave Tanner. To my eternal regret, I’m also not the inventor of “Famous Dave’s Tanner.” (If my Mom and Dad had known there would be this much confusion, they’d have probably named me “Dweezil” or “Moon Unit.”)

However, I’m happy to report that – as nearly as I can tell – all bearers of the name David (it means “beloved” in Hebrew) Tanner (it means… well, you figure it out) have done a good job in their chosen fields, and have not disgraced the name for the rest of us. I mean, somewhere in the world, there’s probably a very nice guy called “Lee Oswald,” or “so-in-so Hitler.” Through no fault of their own, they’ve gone through their entire lives being on the receiving end of suspicious stares every time their names are called out.

The Dave Tanners, on the other hand, are still welcomed by polite society throughout the US and UK. At some of the nice places I play, they don’t even count the silverware when I leave – any more.

Now – if only I can get all those Tanner boys to point the folks who mistakenly contact them, but are looking for me – to throw that business my way, I should be set for life.

After all – we Dave Tanners are like Starbucks – there’s one of us on almost every corner!