What ELSE Can Your Band Do?

Posted by Dave

Although there are certain similar elements at most parties, each – in its own way – can be unique. One way to accomplish this is to hire a band who can not only do all the standard things you expect of your musical entertainment, but can bring something extra to the party.

In my town, guitarist/band leader Thad Bondouris sings in Greek, and even plays the bouzouki. Vicho Vicencio is fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian – and Danish!

My own group offers any or all the following options to every customer: 5 hours of music for the price of 4, non-stop music (I rotate out band members), dance instruction, auctioneer services, and even a 30-minute show – if desired. All of these come at no extra cost, potentially saving every buyer hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary additional expenses.

At my job last night, I received a last minute request to lead the guests in both The Star Spangled Banner and God Save The Queen. No problem (although I recommend that for your party, you give your musicians a heads-up in advance.)

Other bands in town feature outstanding impressionists, who vocally capture the essence of both current and classic music stars.

So, as you plan your next event, spend a few minutes thinking about what will make your party better? What musical moment – be it a New Orleans-style Dixieland parade, or an aria from your favorite opera – will provide the perfect “extra?” Chances are good that a variety band in your town can provide that exact service, and also knows the standard repertoire for your style of party.

How do you find such bands? A reputable agent or party planner is a good place to start, but – if all else fails – ask a musician. Most of us know many of our fellow players, and may be able to point you toward the perfect band for your needs.

Wouldn’t a few minutes of something totally unexpected make your next party memorable? With just a little creativity on your part, your guests will enjoy a unique musical experience – one they will remember fondly for years to come.


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