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What Time’s The Party?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Earlier this week, I was double-checking details with my client for an upcoming high school 40th class reunion. One of the points I wanted to confirm was the contracted hours for my band: 9:00PM until 12 midnight. I assumed that the committee in charge had decided to start the band so late, so that all the guests could visit with one another in the relative quiet of a music-free environment. So it was quite a surprise when my contact said, “You mean – you can start earlier?”

We can indeed – and now, we will. Quite a bit earlier, in fact (7PM until 11.)

Here’s a secret you should know: unless band members have a previously-booked engagement, or are coming from their day jobs – if any – they are only too happy to start and finish early. We will play until 2AM if that’s what the contract requires, but most of us are accustomed to being home in bed by then.

Depending upon their ages, many party-goers also prefer earlier hours. In fact, had we kept that 40th reunion’s hours where they originally were, the chances are excellent that only a few die-hards would have stayed with us until the last song.

Some venues provide a financial incentive to be finished and packed up before midnight. So it is theoretically in your monetary interest to party hearty, but party early, as well.

Of course, if your group of friends don’t come alive until 11:45, you’ll want to keep the music going into the wee small hours.

(Just don’t expect the 40th reunion bunch to be there with you.)