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Beware Those Sooooper Salesmen!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

The best wedding coordinators, booking agents, and sales executives are good listeners. They ask incisive questions that help them identify your needs, wants, and budget. Then they use their professional expertise to match you with the perfect venues, bands or deejays, decor and more.

Unfortunately, not everyone is the best. Some, in fact, look after their own financial interests rather than what is best for you. Here are a few ways to spot the bad actors.

1. The “Square-Peg” Venue. If you expect 200 guests at your reception, then the best room for you is one in which all 200 can – if they choose – see your first dance, cutting of the cake, and hear any or all toasts. Having a foyer available for those who wish to step outside to have a conversation is great. However – when any any venue salesperson whose ballroom is too small for all your guests tries to convince you that “some people prefer to be in a quieter room” – you need to ask that person (and yourself) these questions: “But what if they all do want to be in there at the same time? And how will those in other rooms even know when the key moments of the reception are taking place?”

2. Floral and Decor Overkill. Having a generous budget for flowers is a wonderful thing. Having so many flowers at each table that diners can’t even see the person they are sitting across from, is not a wonderful thing. Also, when your decorator suggests “transforming” any ballroom space into a “wonderland,” just remember that one of the reasons you chose a particular venue was its pleasing appearance. A gymnasium or warehouse may need “transforming,” but most ballrooms don’t.

3. Extraneous Musicians. My 9-piece band is fuller than my 6-member unit. It should be, for the extra thousand dollars it costs you. There are times (and brides) for whom the 9 pieces are worth every penny. Just as there are also times and places where a trio would have sufficed. If you aren’t planning to dance, if your event is in the daytime (when guests tend to dance less) or if your venue gets really noisy really fast, don’t let anyone con you into buying more band than you will use.

Your wedding is all about you. It is a reflection of your tastes and preferences. The moment you feel pushed or leaned on by any salesperson, that is a sure sign that said salesman is looking out for himself, and not for you. And the inevitable result is a wedding that is less your vision and more about someone else’s bottom line.