“Change” Is Good – When It Is Change For The BETTER!

Posted by Dave

During this political season in which every candidate is promising “Change” of one sort or other, I’d like to put in my two cents for one place where change is not always an improvement: Parties.

I can understand perfectly why your second daughter would not want her wedding to be a carbon copy of her big sister’s nuptials. And party planning committees are on solid ground when they vary venues, bands, menus, and themes from year to year.

But there is a difference between a “groove” and a rut. And tampering with success for no other reason than to have “change” is an idea fraught with danger for your event.

No party is a success unless its guests have a great time. Like the rest of us, guests are creatures of habit, who arrive at your event with certain built-in expectations. Make too many alterations in the flow of your party, and the result is a disorientation of your guests.

This is why I strongly recommend against taking the well-established pattern of an evening, and changing it for no compelling reason. Our parties’ patterns become well-established, for the simple reason that they work.

If your guests are older, and are in the habit of leaving early – then it makes perfect sense to push forward the starting and ending hours of your event. If your chosen theme suggests a particular cuisine or music, departing from the norm is only logical.

But don’t fall for the politician’s hype that “change” – of and by itself – is necessarily an improvement. I recall the old tale of the politician who told Mark Twain that he wanted to be different, because that was good. To which Twain replied, “Just be good – that’s different enough.”


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