All Weddings Have Problems – Coordinators Provide SOLUTIONS!

Posted by Dave

Often in these columns I suggest ways for brides (and their dads) to save money. Today, I simply wish to offer a way how to spend your dollars wisely.

So as not to draw out the drama, I’ll tell you my secret answer right now: a good wedding coordinator.

At one of this past weekend’s nuptials, I noticed that a small army of wedding planner staffers were busily overseeing every aspect of the event. No detail was too insignificant for their attention and immediate action.

For instance, during the cocktail hour I was playing piano outside the ballroom. Two separate staffers came by the keyboard to inquire whether I needed water. I didn’t, but since the second person had actually brought a bottle of Ozarka with her, I gratefully took it.

Now – if this kind of attention and courtesy was paid to the piano player – just imagine how spoiled the bride and her guests were all night!

The coordinators seemed to be everywhere/all the time. When the hotel waitstaff failed to pick up an empty glass or a used napkin, the planners did it. If the bride needed a Kleenex, 20 or 30 were instantly proffered for her.

Their service was so striking that I commented to the father-of-the-bride about it. “I just decided,” he said,” that I didn’t want my wife or daughter to be bothered with a jillion little details. They can’t enjoy the evening if they are always chasing down glitches somewhere. So I hired the best planner I could find, and told her to bring as much staff as she needed.”

Now, truth be known, one experienced coordinator is usually plenty for most parties. But Dad made a good point: if the bride and her family know that someone else is on top of the details, they are free to enjoy their evening. And that is no small gift.

So, when you max out your budget and something has to go, my suggestion is to chuck the truffles and cancel the sorbet. Put your money where it will really count – on someone who guarantees that both you and your guests have a night that is problem-free from start to finish.

Like this weekend’s dad, you will be so glad you did!


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