Turning The Economic Crunch To YOUR Advantage

Posted by Dave

Question: Would you like to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the budget for your wedding?
Answer: Is the Pope Catholic?

Today’s difficult economic times have hit the party service industry especially hard. Venues, caterers, florists, decorators, event planners, photographers, and music providers are all currently feeling the pinch from tightened budgets.

Which could be good news for you, if you are willing to work a bit.

Competition among vendors allows you the luxury of seeing just how far a given provider is willing to go in order to earn your business. This means that – more so than at any time in decades – you are in the driver’s seat.

While I would never tell a bride that I can save her money (because all weddings ultimately use every dollar budgeted), I can show you how you might reduce your expenditures in one area (so that you can use those same dollars elsewhere.)

For instance, a band that normally charges $3000 for 6 members for 4 hours, might be willing to accomodate you in one of the following ways: A.) By adding an extra musician at no additional charge, B.) By playing 30 minutes to one hour longer for the same money, or C.) By reducing their fees for their standard package by – say – 10%.

NOTE: Your chances of success will be heightened even more if 1.) the date of your event is near, 2.) or if you choose an “off” time for your reception (a Saturday afternoon, for instance, or Sunday evening).

Similarly, other vendors are – of necessity – more accomodating currently than they might have been in the recent past.

But the key to success is: you have to ask for these savings. Nobody volunteers them. A certain level of negotiation will be required. You may have to offer a concession in return. And – even in the worst of economic times – you will find some vendors who refuse to budge.

I’d be willing to bet, however, you won’t find many.

The old adage says that “Everybody’s bad news is somebody’s good news.” Today, if you have money to spend, you are that somebody.


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