She Could Have Danced All Night!

Posted by Dave

I always wish that every bride could have the most fun of anyone at her wedding and reception. After all – it’s her party. She’s probably spent most of a year planning it. And what would have been her inheritance is paying for it!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Too many nights of too little sleep leading up to the big day – plus too many complications with the myriad of details – often lead to stressed-out brides. With smile fixed firmly in place, they make it through the big event – but “fun” is not a word they would use to describe it. (Although “torture” occasionally is.)

So what an unmitigated JOY it was this past Saturday to have a bride who was having such a good time, she literally didn’t want it to end.

She danced with almost every guest, joined her sisters at the microphone for a rousing rendition of “Sunny Side Of The Street,” and was the sparkplug of the whole evening. Her spirit of fun guaranteed that this would be a reception fondly remembered by all.

But – 5 hours into the night – I noticed that our crowd was rapidly diminishing. For her to have anyone left to toss rose petals at her and the groom as they departed, I suggested we wind things down. But even then – after being on her feet virtually all day and night – she still wanted 15 more minutes of dancing. (And she got it, too!)

Those who wanted to leave did so, while a small but enthusiastic group of hard-core partiers stayed to the very end.

To ensure a successful party, I usually recommend adjusting the bride’s clock to that of the guests. But one look at our bride’s face, as she spent her wedding evening savoring every second in the presence of her closest family and friends, was success personified.

Simply put: when your bride is happy, everybody should be happy!


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