“I’ve Got A Name”

Posted by Dave

Deejays and bands are hired primarily to play music (Duh!). But one important extra service they often provide is that of Master of Ceremonies.

Over the course of your reception, they will announce your grand entrance, first dance, and cutting of the cake, as well as introduce assorted toasts and welcomes. So – which would you prefer – the generic intro or the personalized one?

Generic: “And here’s the father of the bride with some words of welcome.”
Personalized: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the proudest papa in Texas tonight, Mr. Boliver Shagnasty!”

Generic: “The best man will now make a toast to bride and groom.”
Personalized: “Now, to offer the traditional first toast of the evening, here is Sonny and Cher’s best man, Marvin Thudpucker!”

Knowing the names of the key players makes your MC’s introductions sound more like he is a long-time family friend. It also helps get the audience’s attention.

Not only should you phonetically write out the names of everyone you expect to speak (your MC doesn’t care how they spell their names – he just wants to say them correctly), throw in the names of the photographer, videographer, clergyman (if there will be an invocation), and wedding coordinator as well.

Many a Kodak Moment has been saved, just because the bandleader or DJ was able to point the cameras to the appropriate location at the critical time by calling the right names.

So make your list, make it phonetically idiot-proof (“SHAGG-nass-tee”), and – if possible – try not to have a Best Man named “Thudpucker.”


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