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Glasses And Bottles On The Dance Floor = TROUBLE

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Warning: there can be a major disconnect between the elegant reception you’ve planned, and the frat party some of your guests apparently think they are attending.

This “kegger” mentality extends to the dance floor, where – instead of leaving their glasses or beer bottles at their tables – the spiritual heirs of John Belushi in “Animal House” bring their bubbly with them. Soon, expensive dresses and suits worn by innocent bystanders are being splashed with brew. Then inevitably – sooner or later – a glass or bottle is dropped onto the dance floor. And that’s when the real harm to your party begins.

It happened at a reception my band and I played this weekend. In fact, it happened twice within a span of 15 minutes. The first time, we were lucky. A beer bottle miraculously stayed intact when hitting the venue’s concrete floor. Of course, beer sloshed everywhere, so all dancing stopped while a clean-up crew mopped the floor.

Only a few minutes later, a wine glass smashed to smithereens at almost exactly the same place. A barefoot bridesmaid cut her foot. Shards scattered – or were tracked on the shoes of oblivious dancers – 20 feet in every direction. This time, not only was the dancing halted, but the room lights were also turned on. The carefully-nurtured ambience of the evening vanished. Dancers left the floor, never to return. For all intents and purposes, the party was over.

How can you prevent a similar early end to your perfectly-planned evening?

Well, you could not invite anyone named “Otter,” “Flounder,” or Senator Blutarsky. You could go alcohol-free. Or, you can make your expectations known to all the kids’ rowdy friends. Pass the word that – despite the presence of booze – this ain’t a kegger!

Or, you could book the Delta house for your reception. At least that way, cleaning up will be their problem.