The BEST Party Of The Year (So Far)

Posted by Dave

I spent my Sunday afternoon in the presence of some of the best ballroom dancers I have ever seen. What an inspiration – what a party!

The occasion was a fundraiser for a children’s charity. For those who simply like to watch great dancing, it was a bonanza. For any who enjoy venturing onto the dance floor themselves, it was hour after hour of an almost endless variety of dancing styles.

And for those who may have never personally tried ballroom, every hour brought a different instructor, ready and superbly able to teach the fundamentals of the Fox Trot, Cha Cha, and Hustle (yes, disco divas, it’s baack!!)

It was great exercise for those who participated, a fabulous floor show for those who watched, and a wonderful way to raise a bunch of money for a good cause.

If you are planning a fundraiser, now would be a very good time to consider something similar. Not since John Travolta infected us with “Saturday Night Fever” in the 70s has dancing (and dance instruction) been so popular. Entire families of our acquaintance are participating. And the beauty of it is that each and every person who walks in the door has the opportunity to participate (or not) at their own level. Today’s event had seniors, boomers, Gen-Xers, and a few from Gen Y (which in “earth language” means that we had everything from 70-somethings to 20-somethings.) We had competitive ballroom dancers (like the pros on Dancing With The Stars) and rank amateurs. But ALL had fun.

How long this fascination with the terpsichorean arts will last is unknown and un-knowable. But – for now – I recommend that anybody with a good cause and a need for funds look into planning an event which combines dance exhibition and dance instruction with loads of good dance music.

And when you do, be sure I find out about it. I’ll put my dancing shoes on!


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