“Your Place Or Mine?” (Where To Have Your Wedding)

Posted by Dave

Couples today often have grown up in separate cities, gone to colleges in different towns, and met while working in yet another city, state or even country! At each stop along the way, both bride and groom have made lasting friendships. For them, and possibly for you, the question of where to have the ceremony and reception poses a series of problems. Here are some of your options:

1. Your hometown. For couples from the same city, this is a no-brainer. Even for those mentioned in the lead sentence above, it may still have merit. It will probably make planning the festivities easiest for your parents, as well as for any grandparents and older relatives. Unfortunately, if you no longer live near there, the hometown wedding could turn out to be a major hemorrhoid for you (and you know where hemorrhoids are a pain!)

2. Your current place of residence. This has many benefits for you, but also one major potential drawback: jobs that might normally be delegated to your Mom and maid-of-honor may revert back to you, if those two key players live elsewhere. Two words: wedding planner!

3. An exotic destination. Where would you like to go for your honeymoon? Then, how about having the ceremony there as well? With only a few key family members and friends in attendance (who should go home shortly after the ceremony and leave you to honeymoon without their guidance), this method has many positives. Plus, if you choose, you can still plan a reception back home which will allow you to greet old friends and new in-laws. (Note: not every exotic destination is wedding-friendly. Make sure of the local regulations before booking your rooms.)

4. Multiple ceremonies/receptions. In some extreme bi-coastal or trans-oceanic cases, it may even be desirable to have two separate ceremonies. But – be aware – this just further extends the time and level of stress on you. Additionally, you will be planning at least one of these affairs by long-distance. Opt for this choice only as a last resort.


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