The Beauty Of The BIG Ballroom

Posted by Dave

Question: Why do so many party venues feel too small, too crowded, and too noisy?

Answer: Because the guest list continued to grow, after the ballroom was chosen.

Every weekend, all over the world, invitees wedge themselves into ballrooms in numbers that would give the Fire Marshal apoplexy, sit in groups of 12 at tables designed for 8, and step onto a dance floor which has been reduced by 50% to accomodate the extra bodies.

The reason for this is obvious: the typical guest list isn’t finalized until long after the venue has been booked. Additions to that guest list often occur, right up to party time. Thus the room that seemed so spacious when viewed empty, soon resembles a sardine can – and have you ever met a happy sardine?

There is a simple way to prevent this common malady:

Book a room that is 50% larger than you think you will need. Please note that I said a room. Don’t let any enterprising salesperson convince you that additional rooms – nearby – are just as good. They aren’t. Whether you are honoring a bride and groom, a birthday boy, anniversary couple, or simply having a party for the fun of it, all your guests should be able to fit comfortably in your main room (if and when they choose to.)

By having extra space, you can do wonderful things for your party – even if your guest list doesn’t grow. You can seat 8 people at those tables, instead of 10 or 12, because you have plenty of room for extra tables. The dance floor can be large enough to comfortably accomodate all your guests at the same time. Creative use of lighting (keeping the corners dark, while moving your party into the central part of the room) also effectively disguises the excess square footage.

Tanner’s 1st Theorum observes the propensity of parties – like goldfish – to expand until they meet the size of their container. So, save yourself a world of headaches: get a bigger room. You and your goldfish will be glad you did!


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