“And Our Special Guest Vocalist Is…”

Posted by Dave

I got an e-mail from a bride-to-be today, asking – in the nicest way – if two of her closest friends could sing and play for her first dance. Of course, my answer was, “Of course!”

Over the years, some of my most memorable wedding moments have occurred as a result of similar requests. What could be more personal and unique than having a cherished friend or family member perform in your honor? Brothers and sisters of the bride or groom, and – occasionally – even the bride herself, have favored their guests with a song. A recent groom serenaded his new wife on the cello. And one proud father-of-the-bride even brought his bag pipes to accompany the couple to their limo at the close of the reception. Each performance, in its own way, was perfect and unforgettable.

But here are a couple of hints to consider before incorporating this idea into your nuptials.

1. Weddings are emotional events. Pick a singer or musician who won’t sob all the way through your “happy” song.
2. Always alert your band or deejay in advance to such “guest” appearances. A rehearsal may be needed to ensure that the song goes well. (And the last thing you want is for it to end badly.)

Finally, you should be sure that your musical provider understands that you want this person to perform, but are not opening the microphone to “all comers.” That is – unless your vision of the evening includes one groomsman after another demonstrating his questionable talents playing such garage band favorites as “Wipe Out” and “Louie Louie” – (sung with the real John Belushi lyrics).

(Which could give an entirely new meaning to “something borrowed, something blue.”)


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