I’ve Got 2 Words For Today’s Videographers: “R-r-roll ‘Em!”

Posted by Dave

Not so long ago, videographers needed lots of light to capture all the special moments at a wedding and reception. The trouble was – because of the resulting glare – those moments weren’t quite as special as they should have been. Eyes which had grown accustomed to candlelight felt assaulted under the blast of “instant sunlight,” resulting in squints and hands placed over brows to shade aching orbs. There was no such thing as a candid moment in which someone was caught by the camera being completely natural. Indeed, un-natural smiles and forced behaviors were the inevitable result of the spotlight’s beam.

Worse still, camera hogs always knew where to go for their close-ups – they simply had to follow the lights. And many a romantic shot of bride and groom was subsequently ruined by Uncle Herbie moonwalking in the background.

Not any more.

Today’s professional video equipment is so unobtrusive that – unless the videographer wants you to – you may not even realize you are being recorded. Light-amplifying cameras require little more than a single candle to capture all the joy and tears of your wedding. Stereo microphones using CIA-developed technology have an almost uncanny ability to isolate the sounds you do want while eliminating the clutter.

Nor is there any longer a need for ongoing wars between your photographer and videographer. In years gone by, many a shutterbug became frustrated when his perfectly-lit shot was ruined by the sudden presence of a bank of 300-watt bulbs. What had been an arty and tasteful character study suddenly became a mugshot. This never has to happen again.

As you interview prospective videographers and look at samples of their work, let them know your priorities. If you don’t mind them being front and center with spotlights blazing in order to get that perfect shot – tell them. But if you are low-key (and you want your videographer to be the same), you need to tell them that, too.

The great news is, with today’s state-of-the-art digital gear, a creative video artist can be virtually invisible – yet still document all the magical sights and sounds of your wedding in a way that only video can do.

So, if you’ve been turned off by pushy videographers in the past whose light bars and extension cords seemed to be constantly interfering with your enjoyment of an otherwise wonderful evening: there’s hope for you – and your guests. You no longer have to sacrifice your comfort at the reception to have a treasured video of your reception.

Sorry, Uncle Herbie – you’ll have to find another way be annoying.


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