Hiring A Wedding Band? Know The ESSENTIALS.

Posted by Dave

If you are planning a wedding, most U.S. metropolitan areas offer a wide variety of musical choices. You will find bands of almost every style and price range available within easy traveling distance to your event.

But how can you know which band is the right band for you? The best way is with the Essentials.

First, always, you should ask the band’s price. There is no point in continuing a conversation with someone who is hopelessly out of your budget.

Next, tell your prospective bandleader the most important facts about your event. For instance – it’s not just “a wedding reception” – it’s a _____ (Jewish, Greek, Baptist, etc.) wedding reception. The ____ (groom, father-of-the-bride, etc.) loves to _____ (Swing, Latin, or Country) dance, and wants a lot of that music during the night. The bride is ___ (19, 29,39) years old, and adores ____ (Keith Urban, 50 Cent, Barry Manilow).

See? In just a few well-crafted sentences, you can outline your needs and expectations. This allows your interviewee the opportunity to either tell you why their band is perfect for you, or to recommend someone better suited for your particular party.

If the bandleader fails to offer it, you now need some essential information in return.

Does this band have experience in playing for similar events (do they “know the drill”)? Are they familiar with your venue (do they know how to get in and out/where the plugs are, etc.)? Does their repertoire contain an adequate supply of your special music?

References are yet another Essential – there is no substitute for the comments of past employers. You’ll also want to hear a demo of the band and see a copy of their song list. (If humanly possible, you really should see them in person. How loud are they? Do they smile and make eye contact? Do they – and their set-up – look professional?)

Finally, before signing a contract, ask about their intermission policy. Bands who break on-the-hour kill the momentum of the evening. You want a combo that will adjust their intermissions to your schedule (the cake cutting and toasts, as well as the bouquet and garter tosses, are perfect opportunities for the band to sneak in an “invisible” break.)

With the Essentials, you can – in a short time – narrow your choices from many possible bands, to a few probable-good-fits, to the best group for your needs and budget.


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