Could I Have This Dance?

Posted by Dave

Albert Einstein was once asked to express his Theory of Relativity in simple terms. He responded, “When you are with a person you like, a really long time can seem short. But when you are with someone you don’t like, even a short time can seem long.”

And when you are the only couple on the dance floor – performing the Bride and Groom’s First Dance, or the Daddy Dance that follows – that short time can seem endless. So here are a few suggestions that can keep a “long” time from being even l-o-n-g-e-r.

1. Cut The Song Short. It only takes about one minute for the photo and video folks to capture indelible images of you tripping the light fantastic while the crowd applauds. If you choose to stay on the dance floor longer than that, it should only be because you are wonderful dancers who are savoring this moment. Otherwise, have your band or DJ fade out the tune after 60 to 90 seconds.

2. Cut-In The Next Dancer. By piggy-backing the Bride and Groom’s Dance with the Daddy Dance, instead of stopping Song 1, then starting Song 2, you save time and aggravation. Stick with the original song, but cue Dad to cut-in after a minute or so.

3. Cut To The Chase. The sooner you get everyone out on the dance floor, the better it is for the reception. To accomplish this, send out Bride and Groom for the first minute, then have Dad cut in for 30 seconds or so, followed by the wedding party. At this point, have your band or DJ invite “Everyone who joins in the celebration of this marriage” to come on down!

Even if these ceremonial dances are followed by dinner, your guests will have already been out on the dance floor. And when they’ve danced once, it’s so much easier to get them out again for the second, third, and twenty-fourth times!


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