Watch Out For The Wee Ones At Weddings!

Posted by Dave

Part of what makes wedding receptions so special is the joyful presence of 4 full generations, from great-grandparents down to rug rats.

The littlest guests are usually the first to discover the dance floor (a magnet for impish running boys and angelic “butterfly ballerina” girls). And – as long as they are the only ones utilizing the space – the dance floor is a perfect spot for them. It is centrally located, making it easy for moms and dads to keep one eye on their little darlings, while enjoying conversations uninterrupted by tiny voices. Early in the reception, it is also an area largely unused by the adult guests. For these reasons, it makes a safe – and really big – play pen.

The problems begin when a few grown-ups (typically Senior Citizens) have the notion that a dance floor should actually be used for dancing. And it is at this point in the evening that both toddlers and Seniors are in danger.

Did I say danger? Absolutely! Older brittle bones and unsupervised wee folk are a tragedy-waiting-to-happen. The tots have gotten in the habit of having the run (pun intended) of the dance floor. They are oblivious to the dancers around them, and have no way to anticipate that they are on a collision course with Great-Uncle Harry’s box-step. Such crashes, when they occur, inevitably result in the potential for a scary fall. Old bones hitting a hardwood floor with force tend to break. Tiny tibias don’t snap as easily, but having the combined 300+ pounds of an elderly couple falling on top of you is pretty traumatic for them, too.

Knowing this, most Seniors won’t share the dance floor with uncontrolled tykes – and this is bad news for the progress of your party. It is these Granny-types, you see, that get the dancing underway. Unlike your college friends, they don’t have to wait until 11PM to suddenly discover that there is – in fact – a dance floor.

Your job, then, is to make the dancing area both kid and Senior-safe. The little ones can still be out there, they just need adult supervision. Two bridesmaids can keep an entire flock of wee ones happily engaged in the Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey in the center of the floor, while Grammy and Poppy safely circle the perimeter.

Plan to delegate such “kid-herder” duty well ahead of time. That way, any kissing you do on your special night will not be to make some little one’s “boo-boo” feel better. (Or some big one’s broken hip, either.)


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