The Reception Is Dying (And So Are You) – Where’s That *%#* Limo?

Posted by Dave

It was – in the immortal words of Yogi Berra – “deja vu, all over again.” Last Saturday’s wedding reception had run its course. Everyone – including the bride and groom – were ready to call it a night. There was just one eensy-teensy problem: the limo was AWOL.

No limo (or carriage, or even helicopter, on occasion) = no photos of your perfect departure. Indeed, with no wheels, you have no “perfect” departure. If you choose to wait for the missing transport, most of your guests who should have been tossing rose petals while waving bye-bye have – in fact – already waved goodbye long ago. It makes for an anti-climactic end to an otherwise stellar event.

And why? Was the limo driver double-dipping, taking another couple from their reception before circling back for you? Was he cruising the city burning gas that you paid for?

Probably not. Typically, he was missing for the simple reason that you told him to be back at a designated time. Your party, however, didn’t last quite that long. There can be any number of reasons for this, none of which are a criticism of you personally. If your guests simply have already danced themselves into a state of blissful exhaustion, or if you suddenly realize that your own energy reserves are running on empty (this happens to brides and grooms frequently, and with little warning), it’s time to go – no matter what the clock on the wall says. In such moments, you need that limo, now.

My best advice: have the limo (or carriage, etc.) exactly where you need it, from the earliest possible moment forward. If your party is scheduled until midnight, have your driver in position, circling the block, or waiting down the street from 11PM on. Have his cell phone number on your speed-dial. Keep him informed of the party’s progress. (Alternatively, don’t have a limo at all. Have a family vehicle standing by from Moment One.)

Some guests will stay until the end of your reception, no matter how late the limo may be. But for a “picture-perfect” finale, it is so much better that the limo be an hour early, than that he be even one minute late.


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