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What Does The Guest Of Honor Do For Fun? NOTHING!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I was once hired to write a comic song for a 40th birthday honoree – a very driven and successful businessman. While his professional skills were well-known, I had never heard anything about his private interests. So I asked his wife for some insight into his hobbies.

“He has none,” was her reply. I tried again, seeking information about how he relaxed and what he did for fun. “Nothing,” said the spouse. “He just makes money.”

She wasn’t kidding. At the party, poster-sized photos of the birthday boy told his life story from infancy to multi-millionaire. Guests enjoyed a seafood buffet, laughed politely at my song, and drank the honoree’s very fine champagne. Meanwhile, the object of everyone’s attention paced the room like a caged cheetah. Clearly, a good time was had by all – except him.

Before leaving, I expressed my regrets to “Mr. Fun’s” wife that she put so much apparently-unappreciated effort into her husband’s event. “Oh,” she exclaimed. “Compared to his 30th birthday, he was a party animal tonight! By the time he is 50, he may actually smile!”

I took three life lessons from this encounter:
1.) You have to know where someone started from to see how far they’ve come.
2.) Just because you don’t want to celebrate your own special occasions, those who love you should feel perfectly free to do so. And
3.) There are times when the most uptight, humor-challenged, and undeserving among us still manage to find a loving, caring partner – in spite of ourselves. (Even caged cheetahs.)