Music, Music, Music!

Posted by Dave

The music you choose for your special event speaks volumes to your guests. Instantly, they will know if they are walking into a party, a Party, or a PAR-TAY! What, then, is the right music for the mood you wish to set? That depends on you, and your goals for the evening. But here are some possibilities, beginning with the least expensive.

Almost any venue can provide Muzak, or “canned” music for your event. It will probably be (a.) generic light classic rock (instrumental versions of Beatles ballads, for instance), (b.) played at background level (high enough to be heard, but at a low volume which will not interfere with conversation), and (c.) thoroughly inoffensive. If your event doesn’t include dancing, and if the majority of your audience is older, this may be all you will need (and it should cost you nothing!)

No more intrusive, but way classier, is live background music from a harpist, classical or jazz guitarist, or pianist. Because they are live, they can play your favorite songs (as opposed to whatever is on the Muzak program.) Harp music is delicate and light, yet has the unusual ability to “drift” throughout the room – never loud in any one place, but heard everywhere. Similarly, a centrally-located guitar or piano creates whatever mood you choose. They can even provide adequate back-up for a ceremonial first dance. Add a flute to any of the above, and the effect is enhanced even more, without raising the decibel level in the room.

A strolling violinist, with or without accompaniment, is able to take the music everywhere your guests may be. This may be important if your party is spread over more than one room. (Pianists can’t stroll.) The music of a string quartet (typically, 2 violins, viola, and cello) is perfect for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and dinners.

The deejay has literally thousands of songs from which you can choose, and can play them at any volume level. Deejays can also make announcements over their PA systems. Many bring special lighting which add excitement and variety to the dance portion of your event.

The right band for your occasion may actually cost only a little more than a top deejay, and its members can perform all the functions detailed above. Ceremony, reception, dance, and dinner music are all keyed to your personal tastes. Most bands can also provide CD or i-Pod music during their breaks, and can handle announcements and introductions.

Your vision of the event (and your budget) will dictate the final choice for which music is right for the mood you wish to create. Whether you wish to party, Party, or PAR-TAY, music is an important element to the success of your plans.


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