“You Oughta Be In Pictures” (And Video, Too)

Posted by Dave

Sadly, there are too few happy occasions at which we can gather. Most families’ “reunions” are held at the funeral home. So, when joyous opportunities do arise, we want a camera to record the moment. I treasure the photos of my grandmother dancing on her 97th birthday, my wife and now-grown (but then, small) son at an anniversary celebration, and countless other snapshots which perfectly capture such memorable moments forever.

For your special event, photos and video will provide vivid reminders of everything from the decor to the smiling faces of your guests. As host or honoree, you will be far too busy to see all that the camera can record. Viewing the images later, you will be amazed at what you missed. And you will be so glad that you made provision for having cameras present.

Some of your options include:

Disposable cameras. A camera at every table ensures two things: (1.) a lot of wasted film, but (2.) a few once-in-a-lifetime treasures.

Professional photography. A gifted photographer develops (pun intended) an instinct for being in the right place at the perfect moment, knows how to cajole a smile from the most camera-shy of guests, and (this is important) buys film in bulk. Which is to say, he or she takes hundreds of photos of every aspect of the event. Plus, being a pro, most of these shots are actually in focus and not washed out.

Professional videography. Video not only records the visual images of the event, it also captures the sounds (music, toasts, and greetings from guests). Your evening lives, again and again, every time you view the DVD. Most videos come fully edited, with titles and special music which make them seem like mini-movies, with you as the star.

One bit of advice: if you choose to have both photography and videography at your event, be aware that not all the pros in these two disciplines work in complementary fashion. Your event doesn’t need a “battle of the shutterbugs.” So, since you will engage either your photo or video professional first, get some suggestions from that person regarding whom they recommend for the other job. This will result in better video and photos, and one less headache for you.


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