“Turn Left At The Tattoo Parlor” (Where NOT To Hold Your Gala)

Posted by Dave

Realtors know that the 3 most important factors about a property are: location, location, and location.

For your plans, location is also critical. Your guests must feel safe and comfortable in coming to your formal event. So here are some tips on places to avoid:

* Anywhere with signs advertising body piercings, adult “novelties,” or Pit Bull puppies for sale.
* Any neighborhood you would charitably describe as “bohemian.”
* Any place whose directions include, “the dirt road just past the third trailer house.”

In other words, if your guests wouldn’t want to be there in broad daylight, they’re probably not going to willingly travel to or from such a site in the dark. Consider either changing the location or arranging for transportation for your guests. It would be a shame for all your efforts to be wasted on just yourself and those 3 winos who wandered in and helped themselves to the buffet.


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