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The Inconvenient Truth About Outdoor Events

Monday, March 12th, 2007

In planning a gala event, you can spend countless hours and commit undreamed of sums of money. Your inner Control Freak will rise to the surface, as you fret over the tiniest details. Again and again, you will visualize every aspect of the evening, from the moment your first guests arrive until the last one leaves. Nothing will be too small to escape your attention, because you want this to be acclaimed by one and all as The Greatest Party In The History Of The Universe. Why, then, would you jeopardize all your plans by putting them at the mercy of the one thing over which you have no control at all: the weather?

While it is true that a glorious sunset is spectacular, and that there is nothing quite so romantic as a perfect evening outdoors, it is also regrettably true that perfection – in anything, anywhere – is an elusive commodity.

That sunset would be no less awesome, viewed from inside a climate-controlled ballroom. The variation – up or down – of only a few degrees in temperature adversely affects the comfort of your guests (and you.) Wind, mosquitoes, noise, and even the slightest potential for rain can ruin an otherwise problem-free event. Are you willing to gamble so many hours of your time (and somebody’s money) that the elements will cooperate with your plans?

If you simply must have your special evening outdoors, at least have a back-up in place. A tent or nearby alternate location where your party can be moved on short notice is not an expense – it is an investment in the success of your plans. Also, you should have a relocation strategy in place, with key friends and family members specifically assigned to move chairs, food, and guests indoors. But better yet – plan from the beginning to hold your event inside. Doing so will remove one huge item from your worry list.