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Setting The Date: A Study In Futility

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Frustrating Bridal Fact Of Life: there is no perfect date for your wedding.

No matter how hard you try, and no matter how far ahead you plan, you will never find that one day on the calendar that works for all of your guests. Be prepared to settle instead for the date which works best for you and your immediate family.

For starters, it may help you to rule out certain times of the year, letting the process of elimination narrow down your search for that almost perfect day. And weather is an important element to consider. Planning a wedding in Buffalo during winter or Orlando in hurricane season just gives you one additional uncontrollable variable to fret over. Will your guests be able to arrive/depart on schedule? Will your romantic honeymoon be spent in an airport lobby, because all flights have been grounded?

Another factor is: what else is happening on that day? Unless you want a plasma screen TV beside the altar, you might want to avoid Superbowl Sunday as your date. A Dallas wedding in July or August not only has to deal with the heat, but also 50,000 pink-suited Mary Kay ladies competing with your guests for hotel rooms. Are any of your other high school, college, or work chums planning a wedding on or near your proposed date whose guest list will overlap yours?

For brides anticipating lots of out-of-town guests, the 3-day weekends (Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.) offer the potential for a Sunday event, bracketed by travel days. Just be aware that these tend to book very early at both ceremony and reception venues.

Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for your schedule. Give yourself as much time as possible, both before and after the wedding date. Your immediate family will do everything they can to accomodate you. So will your closest friends.

Inevitably, somebody very special to you won’t be able to make it on your chosen date. Your first reaction will be to go back to Square One and start over again. Don’t. (Unless, perhaps, it is the groom.) The next date you choose will only leave out someone else. Simply tell this special person that you have selected the best day for the most people concerned, and let them know that they will be with you “in spirit.”

With luck, they’ll still send you a gift.