Your Reception Is A Mirror Of You/uoY

Posted by Dave

Face it – you don’t even have to have a wedding reception. My mom and dad didn’t, and their marriage lasted 63 years!

So if you choose to have one, it should reflect your preferences.

Would you be more comfortable at a low-key, one-hour gathering with punch and wedding cake in the Fellowship Hall? Then that is exactly the reception you should have.

But if you have waited your whole life for this one day, and you are willing to be Cinderella -princess of the royal ball – then that – as far as your budget permits – is the event you should plan.

And budget is one of the two major considerations, when discussing receptions. (The other is how many hours your feet can hold up.) In general, the longer a reception lasts, the more money Daddy (or you) will sink into it. But your comfort is key here.

If your personality lends itself to being the center of the universe for several hours, dancing with relatives, in-laws, and friends (plus a few total strangers) until your feet are (mercifully) numb, while blowing a significant portion of your inheritance, then party down, girl!

But, if you’re the shy and retiring type, save yourself some misery (and enough money for the downpayment on your first house) by keeping your reception short, sweet, and (relatively) cheap.

So remember: the reception itself isn’t required. The only rule is that whatever you decide to do must reflect your personality. Not your Mom, not your groom – you. It’s your reception and your day. You are entitled to enjoy it.


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